Brand Story

Brand Story

SANANBIO is a diverse group of farmers, engineers, scientists, designers and business professionals working together to build a sustainable and resilient global food system. We're empowering growers globally with cutting-edge indoor vertical farming and horticulture lighting technologies that allow them to meet local and global market demand for essential agricultural products. Our team of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) experts in conjunction with our industry leading technology, creates unmatched value. We're creating the STANDARD in indoor vertical farming and horticulture lighting. We solve complex problems so we can build you simple solutions.


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  • SANANBIO joined hands with New Wave for the vertical farming market in Eastern Europe

  • SANANBIO and Square Roots working together in the vertical farming sector in Malaysia

  • SANANBIO and VIREX TECHNOLOGIES signed an agreement to work on the horticultural lighting market in Spain and Portugal

  • SANANBIO and New Horizon came together to cultivate the vertical farming market in Asian-Pacific region

  • SANANBIO and GCAF joined hands to explore the vertical farming sector in UAE

  • SANANBIO and Hode AgTech sealed a strategic partnership for vertical farming projects in Qatar

  • SANANBIO and Farmony joined hands for the vertical farming industry in Europe

  • Vertical Farming Training Center established in US

  • Representing China's vertical farming community and giving a presentation in the seminar organized by Japan Plant Factory Association

  • SANANBIO and Farm 8 formed a partnership aiming to thrive the vertical farming sector in South Korea

  • A 20,000-sqm vertical farm co-founded by VertiVegies and SANANBIO in Singapore

  • ABQ farm established in New Mexico

  • The 5,000-sqm farm for vegetables and medicinal plants went into production in Las Vegas

  • The 10,000-sqm industrilization base established, including Dabieshan Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a technology innovation park

  • Sananbio North-America Photobiotech LLC. established

  • SANANBIO (Fujian Sanan Sino-Science Photobiotech Co., Ltd.) established

  • SANANBIO ARK, the All Climate Mobile Farm

  • SANANBIO GAIA, the Vertical Nursery System

  • Plant protein transient expression equipment

  • UPLIFT proven its feasibility of unmanned production for the 1st time

  • PHX, the ultra-thin grow light

  • UPLIFT, the unmanned vertical farming system

  • Radix, becoming the Red Dot Award 2019 Winner

  • S10, the special grow rack

  • Hawk Squad, the modularized grow light

  • Hawk Solo and Hawk Duo, high-power grow lights for sun plants

  • Radix, the most deployed vertical hydroponic system globally

  • Toucan, the dimmable and air-cooling grow light

  • Toucan, the dimmable and water-cooling grow light

  • Container Farm, the vertical farm in a shipping container

  • Skylark+, the grow light for vertical farms; Flamingo, the supplemental grow light

  • M Series 1.1, the modified version of vertical hydroponic module

  • M Series 1.0, the vertical hydroponic module and its matching grow light



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