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  • Where can a container farm be used?
    A container farm can be used in scenarios where the climate is harsh for agricultural production, such as deserts, highlands and islands.
    What crops can be grown on a Radix?
    Leafy greens, herbs, micro greens, fruiting crops, edible flowers, and medicinal plants can be grown on a Radix but the light-to-bed distance needs to be customized per the plants' needs.
    How many kilograms of vegetables can be harvested on a 6-layer Radix?
    A 6-layer Radix can produce 600 kilograms of lettuce a year.
    How long is Radix's service life?
    Radix is made from food-grade PP, which is moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and durable. Thus, Radix can serve as long as 10 years.
    How many layers can a Radix be stacked?
    The number of layers are subject to your personal requirements and grow space.
    Why light recipes matter?
    A light recipe that caters to a plant's needs can enhance photosynthesis, increase yields and improve produce quality.
    Is efficacy the higher, the better?
    Theoretically, a high efficacy indicates a less energy consumption, but it also means an increased manufacturing cost. It's advised to consider grow space, light intensity and ROI before purchasing a grow light.
    Why LED?
    LED consumes less energy compared with incandescent lights and HPS, contains no heavy metals, responds quickly and operates under quick switches. LED is also a cold light source that generates less heat and can serve a longer time.
    What is LED?
    LED refers to Light Emitting Diode, which is made from chemical compounds such as Ga, As, P and N.
    What is the difference between passive cooling and active cooling?
    Passive cooling refers to the concept that LED uses its built-in structure to dissipate the heat. Active cooling means LED uses a heat sink to dissipate the heat as it accelerates the air flow around it so as to spread out the heat, but a heat sink also requires extra power supply.
    Is full spectrum better for crops?
    Full spectrum is close to the sunlight, which is suitable for all crops in a broad sense. But plants have varied needs for spectrum at different life stages, a designed light recipe can better increase the yield and improve the produce quality.
    What are PAR, PPF, PPFD and CRI?
    PAR, short for Photosynthetic Active Radiation, refers to the spectrum between 400-700nm that plants use for photosynthesis. PPF, a.k.a. Photosynthetic Photon Flux, is the total micromoles of photons (400-700nm) an artificial light generates per second. PPFD, short for Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density, refers to the total amount of photons (400-700nm) an artificial light generates that hit an area every second. CRI, or Color Rendering Index, is the ability of a light source that reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.

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  • Environment Control
  • Cultivation Techniques
  • Quality Control
  • Power Management
  • Material Control
  • Certifications
  • Technology Updates
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Environment Control
    SOPs for equipment and cleanroom suit cleaning and sanitizing, farm disinfection and pest control.
    Cultivation Techniques
    SOPs for the entire process from seeding to harvesting, cost analysis, FAQs on production, and data tabulation.
    Quality Control
    Nutrient recipes and management, lighting plans for crops in different stages, inbound & outbound material control, lab planning and regulations, guides on lab instruments, FAQs on produce quality control and emergency plans.
    Power Management
    Guides on electric equipment, HVAC and water circulation system and their maintenance. Common tool preparation and personnel training.
    Material Control
    Storeroom workflow, safety stock requirements, and regulations on the storage of produces, medicinal herbs and dangerous chemicals.
    Instructions on the applications for system qualification, Good Agriculture Practices, and organic certification.
    Technology Updates
    Personnel training and farming technique upgrade; instructions on experiment design, data collection and analysis, application of test results and productivity enhancement.
    Marketing Strategies
    Market analysis on produce and medicinal herbs, evaluations on sales channels and platforms, and market expansion.

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