Grow Local. Eat Fresh.

Original :SANANBIO      2020-10-31

“There is no reason why Ireland can't become self-sufficient in leafy greens, herbs and micro greens,” says John Paul Prior, Farmony's Director of Sales Strategy and Technical Development.

As the climate becomes more unpredictable and Ireland is limited to produce its own greens only from May to September, indoor farms are able to serve local communities stably from a supply chain point of view. Farmony utilizes Radix in their farms so that they can grow a variety of crops vertically, thus increasing the productivity per square meter as compared to traditional farming. With the system at work, growers don’t have to worry about watering or lighting because it’s all well under control. Farmony also equips their farm with intelligent monitoring system, so you may hear it whirring in the background when you walk in the farm. The system keeps growers updated with metrics within the farm on a minute-by-minute basis, and even provides advice on things like workflow planning.

£300 million-worth of produces are imported to Ireland annually, including 14,000 tons of lettuce. With EU's Farm to Fork strategy in mind, Farmony's founders started out the CEA journey by growing their very own produces in Dublin, providing local communities with fresh and nutritious greens on a year round basis, cutting down food miles and creating jobs at the same time.

Grow Local. Eat Fresh. This is how Farmony maintains the sustainable relationship between food and humanity.


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