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Purlife is a New Mexico-based medical-grade cannabis dispensary that grows cannabis and sells a wide range of CBD and THC products, including flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and more. Supporting and adhering to all New Mexico State and Department of Health laws and regulations, Purlife is dedicated to making the benefits of medical marijuana readily available to those in need. At Purlife, each and every one of the staff workers believe in the life-changing effects of medical marijuana. They inspire and advocate for a healthier and wholesome living by supplying quality cannabis.


To help patients find the right type, strain, product and method to administer cannabis, Purlife hires professional growers and knowledgeable budtenders to make recommendations for customers in a bid to make sure their customers get what is right for them. Innovation is at the core of Purlife culture, their Grow Team has pioneered new ways of producing cannabis that result in the highest levels of quality, and a safe, predictable product. They are also an experienced cannabis producer, with an ongoing commitment to guide customers towards relief, wellness and well-being. It’s the mission of Purlife to improve the health of patients through education, quality CBD and THC products, and expert staff.


At Purlife, they’re using SANANBIO PHX and traditional HPS. On one of our visits to the farm when the flower was at day 18, we found out that cannabis under PHX were 1.5-2 weeks ahead of HPS plants, according to Ryan, co-founder of Purlife. The quicker the plants can finish up, the more rotation can a commercial grower harvest. In a sense, PHX, as compared with HPS, contributes to more yields within the same space in the same span of time.


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